Monday, September 15, 2008

(A?)typical Data Flow

Tejaswi, as always, even recently accused me of thinking too much. I vehemently disagreed saying there were instances when we have to think about and consider certain things, the failure to do which by a lot of people being the primary reason for a lot of things being screwed up and nonsense thriving today. But yes, I agree that I have a tendency to think too much or think lots of things from one issue occasionally. Now was one.
Let me also give you my background and current frame of mind. I am quite excited about the LHC being put to operation and though the success of the LHC would give a lot of the atheist physicists (a good many theoretical physicists are atheists) reason to crow about, I am, nevertheless, looking forward to knowing more about what happened those precious moments after the Big Bang. (Hope the guys at CERN dont screw us up, as feared by some. Still, despite my obvious concerns at dying before doing a lot of things in life as also dying when living away from parents and best friends, going down in such a dramatic fashion would be quite exciting. Imagine how it would be to be inside a black hole!).
Anyways, this just happened a few minutes ago when my mentor came to me and discussed a few things I had to do. Among other things, I had to implement a timer function to estimate the time taken by one of our applications to run, and he said it would possibly be of the order of microseconds. "Microseconds" immediately triggered the LHC in me (I hope you understood why). Since I had been thinking about discussing the LHC with Karthik Raghavan, I was prompted about a recent email-discussion with Karth Rags and Kesh which, incidentally, started about detachment (which, in turn, was because of an earlier discussion about vegetarianism with Kesh) and subsequently went to buying houses, wealth creation and the financial world. Which brings me back to where I am. And I realized my mentor had finished giving me the task and was back at his desk.
All this in a matter of seconds.
The power of thought, eh?

Yeah yeah, I hear all you guys sniggering about how I dont do my job at work. I cannot explain to you nincompoops about how I am using my office work as constructive inspiration for higher things.
:D :D :D

Some thought.