Monday, August 24, 2009

Download Yaarukku Yaaro Songs!

Yes, there are times when I've just wanted to listen to the songs on a music player. Really. Sam has got so embedded into my brain that just listening to the song brings his moves to my mind's eye. And while travelling sometimes, I feel I need something to cheer me up. Say when I'm down in the dumps while returning from work occasionally. Or simply when my code is not working at work, and I dont want to go to youtube.
Googling "Yaarukku Yaaro Songs" didn't really help apart from giving youtube links and the whole movie.

So for all ye folks out there, wanting to get Thala Sam onto your i-Pod or Media Player list, here's my humble contribution to our tribe.

After all, belonging to the esteemed first set of Yaarukku Yaaro watchers on the historic Jan 28, 2008 and having contributed (in whatever small measure) to spreading the joy of YY, I deem it a privilege to be able to do this.

Indulge! Enjoy! And ensure that you spread the word. Why deny the happiness to people? :-)

Anbaana Iraivan

Nenjam Magizhum Mayile


(PS: I've included the last lines spoken by Dheeba and Thala before Thala breaks into a run and stuns us with that slo-mo rise from the bike on his orange shirt and cap :D)

Yaarukku Yaaro