Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Putting the Crazy in "Dream"

I was in some grand hall in the US, whether or not White House, I dont know, since I havent been there, but it had something to do with a US President. Lots of people assembled there. I have a hunch I was there as a journalist. I dont know what the different events scheduled were, however the main event that I remember - honouring Herbert Hoover's chief cook/maid (an old'ish woman) for her service to the Hoover family. She was wearing an apron and some head-gear and gave a speech in which, among other things, I remember her mentioning about BJP and another distinct thing - "Nehru's aesthetic yet atheistic sense" being the cause for something. Those two words were unmistakably there - "atheistic" & "aesthetic".

1. After I woke up, I was confused whether it was Herbert Hoover or Harry Truman, but I remembered the initials HH being in the dream, so concluded it was Hoover.
2. No, I have not been reading up on the Hoover dam, though I spoke about it with my parents some 2-3 weeks ago when they were fondly recollecting their visit there.
3. The closest I came to something in the dream is seeing some NDTV-type culinary awards on TV on Sat/Sun in which ITC-Maurya won the best Cook award and a guy in a Chef's get-up came and received the award.
4. Oh yes, I do talk/read about the BJP everyday.

I am not going to ask you guys if there's something wrong with me.
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