Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Hasty Intro

Been in India for a month and 2 days now. Tons and tons to post, but just that I dont want to spend much time in front of the comp, I'd rather sit vetti at home and enjoy the heat or watch Sun TV or listen to Radio Mirchi than sit on the net...something I have been incessantly doing for the past two years, and will continue to do once I'm back there.
Anyways, I realize I've accumulated too much stuff to remember when I start blogging some time later, will try to push in the bits from time to time.
Played cricket with Krishna and his friends - a lot of his classmates (my juniors - Ganijuu, Manoj, Lakshman, Arjun and Aswin), a 10th standard guy and quite a few 7th-8th standard kids. Realized how OLD I've become at 23! Oh, and btw, guys today TALK! Oh My God, the way they think and the words they use (as in...not the profanity) are like stuff we could not even have imagined back when we were kids. Nice experience, planning to go back when I get a chance. Thanks Krishna!
Stopped by at Igloo after like two looong years...asked for Fruit Salad, wasn't there, so got Choco Cup instead. Wasn't able to enjoy it as much as before, for some reason. :( A Bad cold, maybe? :-?
Then paid a trip to Mr.Kabali at His Mylapore Residence. Was reaffirmed of certain things in life. :)
Good day, it turned out to be.