Monday, May 11, 2009

The BJP's Star Campaigner Gandhi

This article is a classic example of an intelligent person writing unintelligent stuff. That Ra(h)ul Baba has been a more effective campaigner for the BJP than his cousin has been proven in cases like the Gujarat and Karnataka assembly elections, we await to see if he can repeat his feat in the Lok Sabha elections too. Whatever be it, the best thing about the article was this comment -
Lionel Said:
Why does Livemint bother printing such blather? Were Ramanathan to stop and think he would not have wasted his time writing an open letter to a closed mind - assuming that the imbecilic scion of the Nehru family has a mind. It is an insult to millions of bright, hardworking and free thinking Indians that this half wit who got into St. Stephens on a dodgy sports scholarship, shoe-horned into Harvard (for 3 months) with help from his father's buddies, could not finish college in lowly Rollins College in Florida and then lied outright about a degree from Cambridge lays claims to be their leader. Please send him packing to a fishing village in Genoa where he can while away his time with wine and pasta as he traces the other half of his moronic genealogy.
Posted On 5/8/2009 5:56:54 PM
I don't think anyone else could have captured Rahul Baba's life story in a more concise and apt fashion.
Piss: Will anyone blame me if I say that this guy's comments have traces of this?