Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Son Rises...

No, it definitely is not Ra(h)ul Gandhi. And no, not M.K.Azh(ukku)agiri too, though you're warming up.
For the uninitiated, the next beacon of light in the Tamil cine industry illuminated us with this remarkable masterpiece. Yes yes, he directly challenged Kamal with his first foray into the cine world.
And now, he will be hobnobbing with the likes of Milind Deora, Jyotiraditya Scindia & Co in Sansad Bhawan. Oh yes, and of course, our very own Azhagiri.
Trivia: Remember the Tirumangalam by-election fiasco? Yes, though we did see another "rising son" distributing money, little did we know that the bulk of the task was being carried out by our man, JK Ritheesh. And boy, how assiduously he carried out the task of discreetly dishing out the green lady - 2 rolls of Rs. 500 bills rolled like refills and encased in a ball-point pen and given to people in the name of spreading literacy. (Ok, that literacy bit was my creativity, but the money rolled in pens is apparently how the money distribution happened). Apparently, MaaKi...sorry, Muka and his son promised our dear man an MP seat if he managed to be successful in "securing" the seat in the by-election. Secure he did, and now, the Lok Sabha beckons.
Sivakumar aka JK Ritheesh has arrived. Big time.
How my heart is filled with pride to see such eminent representatives from Tamil Nadu!
Thank you, God.