Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Of Pulli Raja, Arjun's mom, P=NP? and my marriage...

Please excuse me for overhyping the life of an ordinary guy like me by comparing something in my life with celebrity issues like Pulli Raja, Arjun'oda amma and P=NP, but I couldn't resist it, because it just described the scenario perfectly.
My former room-mate Amit and I were returning the rental car after a whirlwind 1-day trip to the Niagara Falls when we felt that 1 day is enough to see the main attractions there. That's when I quipped (needlessly, in retrospection :P) that though 1 day would suffice just to see the main attractions there, it would, nevertheless, be enjoyable to spend 2-3 days just ambling around with one's girl (after marriage, obviously). I kind of semi-drifted into a romantic setting, imagining (myself or someone else, not sure) the guy walking with the girl, his hand lightly on her shoulders and both just close enough to feel the scent of the other, the guy feeling the girl's hair's fragrance (this makes me positively think I might be the guy {I have always been fascinated by penngalin koondhal, though I have never really had the opportunity to smell anyone's or had the cinematic experience of a girl's menmaiyaana koondhal brushing past my face}, esp. ever since knowing why Nakkeerar was burnt with the Lord's third Eye).
Well of course, I'm a 10% Ram Sena-type and would obviously get just about close with my wife in public, whether the place be Nandanam Signal or Niagara Falls, I especially detest the kaiya-pudichu-squeezing, thol-mela-saanjindu-irukki-pudichukkara type, which Surya so classically kalaaichufies in Mounam Pesiyadhe. So when I told all this to Amit, he looked at me, positively startled and asked - "Kya tujhe ye sab karne ki iccha hai kya?" Meaning, "Oh, so you are interested in doing such things is it?" Though I have a fairly good grasp of Hindi, I didn't get what he asked me for an instant, but recovered and replied that of course, I too was a normal Pulsar and would like to do "such things". He smirked and said, "Bhai, if you have such lofty ambitions, it's time you get started with the hunt pretty soon. Going by who you are and how you are, either you should perform a search as incredible as Google*Bing*Yahoo or radically reduce the imaginations of your (pipe) dreams." Ok, not in those same words, but something to that extent. (Incidentally, though we had gone to the Falls with my parents as well, I told him this when they weren't in the car, so that spared me a few blushes. :P)
That's when I realized how badly I have scared people around me about myself. And going by the way things appear to be going, a peek into the future took me well into the past - for no surprising reason, I think I will, if and when I marry, have the reaction that that bloke from Chinna Thambi has, when he is being taken to marry Prabhu's mom, shouting "Enakku Kalyanam...Enakku Kalyanam." I couldn't help, but laugh at myself. :D