Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Purple Haze

Haritha first introduced me to this phrase in her comment on one of my posts. Ever since, I've been quite taken in by the word. I didn't know what the word meant when I read her comment, but I could sort of figure out what she meant. Oddly, I did not google (or should we say Bing?) the phrase or ask her for explanation. It seemed self-explanatory. Till date, I really don't know the exact meaning of the same. But the phrase is interesting. Not in the sense that it sounds wacky or is fundoo or that it's got a bright colour associated with it, but just what it conveys. Of late, a lot of things I see around me remind me of this phrase.
A few incidents which reminded me of "Purple Haze" -
>> A dog on a walk with its master meets another dog on its walk with its master and both immediately start bonding/coochie-cooing like they've been friends/'items' for years.
>> A discussion on inter-caste marriage with a friend of mine.
>> My mom saying I was difficult.
>> A look at the plain bluish white sky above.
>> A news item about an African American guy shooting a 10 year-old child.

To me, the word conveys the unimaginable and difficult menagerie that the world has become, today.
In a sense, I am reminded of one particular scene in "Independence Day", when one of Halle Berry's friends goes to the roof of her building and, seeing the giant space ship above, thinks it is something exciting and good (well, not bad at least) and screams and waves, while, in reality, the space ship was an agent of human destruction.
Only, in our case, a purple haze stands for something which, unlike the space ship, can be good, bad, ugly, dangerous, sad, nothing and we are just excited, with or without happiness, sorrow, anger, disappointment or contentment, because of what it appears, and because of what we have all become.
What we see is bright and exciting, but unclear what it may be. It can be anything (it is, eventually, nothing). Everyone sees it and feels something (or nothing).
Whether I have got the purple haze right or not, the phrase has given me an additional perspective to life.
And until I am able to see clearly through the colour into what it actually is, I will remain unclear about the nuclear agreement which Singhji signed.