Monday, January 18, 2010

PSBB Teachers 13 - Dilip Sir

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Sports - up to '98 in TP Road, '98 onwards Main School
Dilip Sir was our Sports sir throughout TP Road. A wiry disciplinarian who was quite fun to be with, I remember two specific incidents for no specific reason -
  1. Some shot put practice was going while I was hanging around simply, near the assembly hall when he had instructed us specifically to stop the shot put ball using the leg when I think it was Joel who tried to stop it with his hands and sir gave him such a beating that I wondered if he would've been better off getting injured with the shot put ball itself.
  2. In 7th standard, we had the customary class leader election in which Sanjeev and I were two of the candidates (not sure who else stood), and Sanjeev won by just a few votes (single digit, if I'm right...and I also remember voting for Sanjeev while another close friend Shiva said he voted for me). So Sanjeev was the class leader and we went for our first Sports period when Dilip sir saw Sanjeev and immediately declared he was too short to be a class leader, thereby paving the way for me to be class leader for a second consecutive year. :D
 His son, Samson was a year junior to us, I guess. Dilip sir then joined us in PSBB Main either in 9th or 10th. Dilip Sir replaced Williams Sir, who was our classmate, Joel's dad.

(Part 14 here)
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