Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's a Guy Thing

How guys treat/interact with/behave with other guys with respect to girls (gyaan accumulated over my 25 years of existence)...
  • Guys simply love other guys who make asses of themselves in (common) presence of good-looking girls.
  • If a guy introduces you to a good-looking girl, at least one of them is committed (more likely the girl).
  • If a guy invites you to a gathering of good-looking girls, he is either a fool or thinks you're one.
  • If neither is true & he still invites you, then he is your best friend for life and the best man at your wedding.
  • If there are 2 girls you're teased with, guys amplify the teasing-with-the-lesser-good-looking-girl so the better-looking one's available.
(might be continued...)
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