Monday, February 15, 2010

Predicting the Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya Song-(Sequence + Context)

After a long time, I've been quite addicted to the sound-track of a film much before its release, as well as being quite enthu about the film's release. I also realized that all of VTV's songs are romance-based, and each one is as different from the other. Difficult to imagine (at least for me) composing music for 7-8 songs with more-or-less the same theme. So then, I set about trying to predict the sequence in which the songs will appear in the movie. Yes, vettiness aap course. :D My basic premise is of course that Karthik (Simbu) is an aspiring film director while Jessie (Trisha) is a Mallu Christian. I've also obviously taken into account the lyrics of all songs as well.

(PS: There's exactly one spoiler at the end of this article which I just came across. That's the "Update" part.)

  • The story is set in/around Chennai. 
  • Trisha is something like an office-goer, going by the sarees she wears, and just the look she has. 
  • Kerala locales obviously come somewhere in the song visuals. Hard to miss Kerala for songs, you know, especially when you have an important Mallu connection. ;-)
I'm not really going to take into account any extraordinary situations or consider any twists in the tale (but definitely do hope Gautham has one or two), and so, it is highly likely my order/prediction is wrong on more than one account, but that's what I'm hoping happens. :-) Even if there isn't really any major surprise package in the movie (wrt either story or twists), I'd still be content with a usual love story if Gautham has handled it anything like Minnale (or Alaipayuthey :D), considering the chemistry that Trisha & Simbu promise.

(Songs in Order of my guess except the last one)

1. Aaromale - I find it very hard to imagine how this song can actually be picturized with or without any dance. It is quite possible this song is one of those bits-and-pieces songs which appear occasionally as something like BGM, but a sincere hope/wish - that Aaromale be the song when Karthik first sees Jessie. Aaromale has this kind of heady feel about it - and the way the songs starts off and grows on you, it instantly conveys the feel of something momentous, yet, painstakingly grows from the beginning. The guitar opening itself is quite heavy, but despite this, the song really picks up pace. Kind of metaphorical, IMHO, with love stories. Opening is quite heavy and despite this, it grows more. Aaromale is that kind of song, for me. As for picturization, I hope this song was set in Kerala. :)

2. Kannukkul Kannai - Contact has been made. Probably not in the sense of talking or knowing each other, but at least enough contact for Jessie to know that Karthik is behind her.

3. Omana Penne/Hosanna - Both songs, going by the visuals, have a high chance of being Karthik-dreaming-of-Jessie songs. However, it's also likely they (at least one) might be a kind of duet - which, Hosanna is more likely to be...say something depicting - she also loves him, but hasn't accepted. Or something like that. Omana Penne, most likely, is the dream/imagination song.

4. Anbil Avan - This is probably the first proper duet between the two. The songs also shows Jessie accepting her love for Karthik (assuming it's Karthik & Jessie in the song :D).
Also, the New York City pictures of Simbu & Trisha imply that there's bound to be a song where those pics come up. Of all the songs, this song seems to be best suited to the context and kind of pictures

5. Mannippaaya - Love has happened. Then some kind of pirivu. Song seems to fit the something-like-a-fight_then_reconciliation scenario perfectly. (On second thoughts, though a bit far-fetched, the female part might possibly indicate realization-of-love from Jessie's side, the first time she realizes & agrees to Karthik's love. But yes, this is definitely far-fetched).

X. Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya - This, I'm almost sure, is the bit-song which recurs from time to time,  especially when Karthik is pining for Jessie. Konjam sadness it has also. So...

Update: I just came across info that Karthik & Jessie are separated for 3 years after which they meet in Brooklyn Bridge, New York. Perfect situation for Mannippaaya, let's hope it IS the case. So wrt visuals, instead of Anbil Avan, it seems Mannippaaya is the more likely candidate for the NYC locales.
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