Monday, April 12, 2010

PSBB Teachers 24 - Subhashree Mam

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(Part 23 here)

English - '96-'98

Mrs.Subhashree Chandramouli - Quite possibly, the most "fun" and student-friendly-type teacher during the 6th-8th period in PSBB-TP. A chubby, cute, well-dressed teacher with an awesome sense of humour, she totally knew how to endear herself to us students, and endear herself she did, so much so that she was probably the first teacher we demanded to have as our class teacher in 8th standard, at the end of 7th standard, when she taught us English, for the first time. Sadly (for us), C section got to have her as their class teacher in 8th standard.
(On a side note, her daughter, Divya C was a year senior to us in school.)

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