Saturday, April 24, 2010

PSBB Teachers 25 - Radhakrishnan Mam

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Maths/Class Teacher - '98

Mrs.Radhakrishnan - Not sure if her name was Radha Krishnan or she went just by her last name, but Radhakrishnan mam was known as that only. She taught Maths for us in 8th standard and was also our class teacher. A very low-profile, disciplinarian who was yet another wonderful Maths teacher (again yet another teacher) with precise, neat hand-writing. That year was also party to what could be called a controversy in high school circles - I was the Class Leader then, and played hand cricket inside class before school-hours began and there was a group that wanted to see me ousted, and they promptly pottu-koduthufied me to her. She, however, after a strict telling-off, did not oust me from class-leadership. For whatever reason, her quiet and serious demeanour made her one of my most respected teachers in PSBB.

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