Wednesday, May 26, 2010

PSBB Teachers 26 - Gita Mam

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Creative Writing - '98

Mrs.Gita Padmanabhan - In PSBB, we had this somewhat-controversial concept of "Enrichment Classes" - after-class extra-curricular sessions in Maths, Science & Creative Writing for "gifted" students. Though, retrospectively, I'd consider myself more Mathematically-minded, I was selected only for the Creative Writing classes. Gita mam was one of the teachers who conducted the Creative Writing classes - a witty, energetic lady with a bop-cut and spectacles. A specific incident I remember with her - we had our own version of the Spelling Bee Quiz in school and after the prelims conducted in the classes, the final round was selected in the English lab and she dictated the words we had to spell. One such was "Pneumonia" which I had spelt as "Nummonia" and when we were discussing the answers, accused her of mispronouncing the word, much to the humour of everyone present.

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