Saturday, June 19, 2010

PSBB Teachers 27 - Sunitha Mam

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Biology/Class Teacher - '99

Mrs.Sunitha Narsiah - Class IX was when we moved from TP Road to Main School. And we were all understandably slightly scared. And having Sunitha mam as our class teacher only increased it. She was not particularly popular among the students, and my proximity to her (I was Class Leader again) did no help to my reputation/likeability among friends (not that that was the only reason, there were one or two others as well :D). She was pretty authoritarian and unfriendly (though I felt she could be jolly when she wanted to be, but then again, that might be thanks to my supposed proximity to her). She was a pretty good Biology teacher too, though her being our class teacher overshadowed all that. Overall, an interesting experience with some definite positives for me, but would be interested to hear from some of the others as well, assuming it was majorly negative for most of them.

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