Monday, June 28, 2010

Raavanan Tweets

I'm not a regular movie critic or anything, but since being opinionated is ingrained in me, there will inevitably be some movies I dissect completely - whether it's being for or against or it's being confused. However strong I may be in having an opinion or voicing it and however controversial the subject might be, I have always been concerned about how offensive/distasteful what I say might sound. Which is why I sometimes feel like an old mama when I shudder at some of the offensive language folks today use, simply to convey an opinion. And irrespective of how it appears, I try my best to have a balanced opinion on issues, with minimal prejudice being instrumental in the opinion-formation process.
Anyway, the point here is, I watched Raavanan yesterday and during the movie and after watching it, I tweeted some opinions, which are, presumably, strong. Yup, I did tweet some PG-13 stuff (but wouldn't be surprised if today's 13's are used to such stuff), but I really don't think they were offensive or distasteful. What surprised me most was when a very good friend told me to stop my Raavanan "rants" else he would stop following me, since my tweets were apparently "distasteful" and showed prejudice. He was obviously not kidding and I was quite intrigued. I am not too worried about a drop in my follower-count (Hey...followers come today go tomorrow yaa... :D), but since I respect this guy's opinions a lot, I wanted to really know if my tweets were that distasteful & biased to warrant such a strong quasi-telling-off from a good friend.

*Warning: May contain a few spoilers*
  • I know why Aish shows a hint of cleavage throughout. It's to distract us from her pathetic lip-sync & below-avg emoting.
  • What's particularly unnerving abt watchin a Maoist-sympathetic movie is watchin it when the nation's in a state of near-anarchy.
  •  What's sad is not the fact that Aish exposes, but that Mani seems to have made her "show" simply because of his inability to include his usually-mandatory item number.
  • And yes. She shouts. A lot. And "shows". Quite somewhat. And acts. Well, at least tries to. A little.
  • For me, the most exciting parts of Raavanan were all the scenes in which Ranjitha appeared. Skewed sense of excitement, I know, still. :P
  • Raavanan may not be a very good movie, but in the context of the Singams & the Suras, it definitely is good cinema.
  • Oh yes, I too choked in that final scene when Raagini says "Buck Buck Buck...". :D
  • Friend on Facebook after watching Raavan(an): "Aishwarya Rai has transformed from a beautiful woman to a sexy aunty". :P
  • While Prithviraj's character was not fully sketched, Priya Mani's choice makes me wonder if it was a practical joke on her.
  • Very curious how Raavan(an) would be rated by folks (incl me) if we ignore that it's a Mani movie or that it released around Suraa/Singam.
  • And to be fair to myself, I did NOT go to Raavanan trying to compare with the actual Ramayana. Mani thrust it on me. Really did.
  • Which explains why I didnt realize then but felt Karthik's initial tree-top antics were dumb, but realized later on the liken-to-Hanuman. :(
  • I think we need to establish two specific standards of measurement of a film's "success" - 1."Feel" during & after the movie and 2.What the director intends to convey/the way he wants his movie to be perceived and how it actually comes out.
  • Raavan, on 1, is fail. On 2, need to know what exactly Mani Ratnam has/had in mind.

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