Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kuselan: Pure Bullshit

PS: Please note my referential tones to the Superstar.
It isn't often that you go to a movie with very low or no expectations...and still end up realizing it was so dumb you couldn't have gone there expecting how bad it could be. Of course, low expectations should not be equated to having a negative bias for the movie. Kuselan is a classic case in point. The title credits kind of set you for the movie - they show a lot of blades and scissors, and you get a little curious about why it seems like it is boring, the titles itself. Quite funny, because I felt bored during the credits, but the unintended pun (of blades) was pointed out to me by my friend SK. I wont run you through the entire movie and bore you more. Simply put, Vasu is one hell of a cheap bugger - money minded punk or what, I don't know. I am very tempted to use Tamil expletives on him, but since I am not used to them, and don't want to ruin this blog, I will not. But still, I am appalled at why Rajini even agreed to do this movie. Chandramukhi itself wasn't exactly a very well made movie, but it at least stuck to the plot, and did not deviate too much. It had masala, and was not boring. But looking back, it was pathetic direction too. Still, it's nowhere near how shitty Kuselan was, First, you cannot watch Kuselan for Rajini. Second, there isn't any spectacular performance by any of the actors - Pasupathy, who comes closest to some "acting", is reduced to performing one of the 3 actions throughout the movie - crying/cribbing to Meena, asking for a "loan" to improve his saloon and trying to get to Rajini, aka "Asok" [=))]. Pasupathy, Meena and his 3 kids barely resemble a family. You just dont get the feeling of a family of 5 looking at them. (I am not even going to comment on the quality of sarees Meena wears, despite Pasupathy's supposed poverty). The climax is where a semblance of something not totally ridiculous exists - Rajini doesnt perform brilliantly or anything, more so, the situation is a bit moving, and it's evident that Rajini no longer possesses the histrionic capabilities he once had, by way of his "efforts" at acting well. Make-up for Rajini sucks, blatant, period. From time to time, I really felt for "Katha Parayumbol". There is very little similarity to the original, and save two scenes, there is no reminder of any Malayalam movies. And those two scenes, incidentally, remind one not of the original, but another genre of Malayalam movies - yes, the two scenes in which Vadivelu (I'm quite exhausted of thinking how much he has cheapened himself) looks at his wife, and the other one in which he looks at Nayanthara. Now, as for Nayanthara, the transformation is complete. It's like she is just looking for an excuse to expose. Quite literally like Mallika Sherawat. Well obviously, the percentage of cleavage, etc - exposure of the two might not yet be the same, but that attitude and mind-set with which Nayanthara is acting nowadays reminded one of Mallika when she came to the field. I'm quite conservative, hence, even though I flinched at Nayanthara's scene in Billa, I wholly feel it was not out of the place, it quite fit into the scheme of things. Nayanthara's exposures in Kuselan were vulgar, blatant, cheap. Such blatant vulgarity, damn. Not to mention Pasupathy's elder daughter - call it perverted thinking or not, it quite seems that the main reason she is there in the movie is to arouse a few testosterones, she barely fits the description of a 10th grader. I felt kind of guilty initially, thinking I was thinking bad-bad things, but a quick confirmation with my "more educated" friends confirmed that her presence itself was more out of a perverted intention, than innocence or mere coincidence :P. So much so that, in the final scene when Rajini goes to Pasupathy's hut and tells them that he should come with his family to Rajini's place, Rajini goes straight to the eldest daughter, and the whole theater started laughing :D. On the whole, here, in Chicago, towards the end, all of us in the theater started mocking the movie big time. The one "sentimental" scene where Rajini talks about his friend in the school - where everybody weeps...AND some god-forsaken old lady cries...was just too much fun, the entire theater was in splits, it was so comical!
Overall, no more to say about this pointless venture. Sucks for Rajini. P Vasu doesnt deserve a consideration. Please dont remake Malayalam movies for some more time. Kuselan, pukeworthy.