Thursday, August 21, 2008

Of Blood and Water

Something Tejaswi, Keshav and I have talked a lot about. Tejaswi always kept telling us that "Blood was thicker than water" - about relatives and friends. Well, I've thought quite a lot about this, pretty interesting actually, if you think. Lots of experiences, many interesting, some disheartening. Let me play a smart ass and not say my opinion explicitly, but these are some "quotes" which I chanced to say, during another of our discussions. Quite obvious, actually, what they mean, still, I'm not saying the words exactly :P.
  • Blood may be thicker than water and have a greater stain, but it is water which washes off all wounds (including the stain of blood from the body).
  • Blood always comes out only when there is an injury. Water is always there for us.
  • We dont get to choose the blood that flows in us, but we get to choose the water that we drink. If we drink impure water, that's our mistake, we should have been more careful, no point in blaming the water or saying Blood is thicker.
Even my dad actually supports blood...But yes, the water definitely needs to be pure.