Sunday, August 3, 2008

Jaane Tu...Ya Jaane Na - I know...for sure...

I sort of take pride in what I write. And I generally write something if I badly want to express it (from what I know, I express myself best through words - writing...English) or it's something different...generally, a combination of the two.
I loved Jaane Tu, quite simply loved it. Nothing exceptional about the actors or the story-line, but one thing - every single person in the movie fit his or her role to the Tee - be it Shaleen or Jiggy or Aditi's parents. Mala was emotive too, but sometimes a bit irritating and overactive, still she was quite entertaining. But, apart from Jai and Aditi, the people who really fit their respective roles and stole the show were Jai's parents - Ratna Pathak Shah and Naseeruddin Shah, esp. Naseer as Amar Singh Rathod, wow!!! Rahman rocked, quite differently though. I fell in love with Kabhi Kabhi Aditi and Pappu Cant Dance, though, as usual (like Harry Potter), I was initially skeptical about both the movie and its songs and all the hype associated. Again, thanks to my dear Kesh, I watched Jaane Tu, and fell in love with it! Boy oh Boy, Imran Khan is CUTE! Despite my quite normal sexual orientation, I couldn't help but notice Imran's cuteness. And for a first-timer, he has done a wonderful job. The role probably did not demand much histrionic capability, but he was at ease with the role and essayed a truly likable performance. And after a long time, I loved Genelia's role. The best thing about her was this - she hasn't been tried to be portrayed as this amazingly beautiful or fall-flat-for cutey gal, her role took the cake. I was so sick of her role in Bommarillu (Santhosh Subramaniam), quite literally irritated. But in Jaane Tu, she had a role which was not exactly dumb, but definitely offered her a lot of scope to perform - and perform she a great extent. Her expressions are just awesome! Be it her facial features in Pappu Cant Dance (the moment right before she steps in to dance or the features when she says "Papa Kehte Hain") or her tone when she drops Meghna and asks Jai to come with her) - so damn adorable! Ya of course, if you're this sort of no-nonsense female or guy, you might tend to get irritated or scorn at her. But despite my supposedly "correct" stance and all, I really loved her character, which doesn't mean I admired every single thing she did. As for the movie itself, I've probably watched it like 4 times now. I kept wondering why I got hooked on to the movie so much. It's obvious that the movie's story-line is not something that happens in everyday college-life. Still, the way Abbas has handled the realization of each character of his "love" is quite admirable. More so, the concept that "love" is when you love spending time with the other person or simply enjoy the person's company, has been beautifully elucidated. Well, obviously, I didn't fall in love with Aditi, nor do I want a girl like her - but it's just about how he handled this budding love story between two quite-unlike characters. It pretty much transported me to another world - not necessarily something which I have gone through, but something which is very cute and adorable. I know I've been saying the same thing over and over again - my adjectives have pretty much revolved around - cute, adorable, beautiful, wonderful, admirable, etc., but the thing is - this was just what the movie was. The direction was some seriously good direction. Hats off to Abbas Tyrewaala.
And yes - I've started wondering if I've turn this softy kind of guy who enjoys mushy mushy romances, yes, no doubt I am chamathu to a major extent, but I was quite perturbed when I came across two girls (with whom it happens to be a necessity for me to interact, daily) who really did NOT like the movie! It definitely is understandable if everyone did not go GAGA over the movie or didn't fall as flat for it as me, but these two girls DISLIKED it! And the worstestst part was...they said they liked and enjoyed Boys. x-((((((((((((((((( >:PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP
Now, that's kind of been something that has been bothering me for quite some time, ever since one of my close friends from college (a girl) said she liked Boys and said the movie kind of reflected what was happening predominantly in "our" society. I have become mature enough to understand that girls are generally required to "know" more about Adult stuff, but that just doesn't mean their thought process has to be perverted! (If you're this "girls rock" kind of female, I strongly advise you to close this tab right here right now, what I'm saying here will, in all probability, not reach you the way I want this stuff to be understood). Now my friends and I have discussed more than enough about the movie "Boys" and could arrive at no other conclusion than this - anyone who can even appreciate or like the movie for its entertainment is definitely not a totally non-perverted thinker. And it was quite shocking for me, among people who had a similar background to me, the people who came closest to liking "Boys" happened to be now, I am not judging girls just based on their taste for "Boys", but it was quite unbearable for me when a couple of girls said they didn't like Jaane Tu (bad enough...not unacceptable), but when they ALSO said they actually liked Boys, I just couldn't take it. And it's been somewhat this way with a lot of girls I am acquainted with. And let me add that the girls I interact/am acquainted with are of the top class, seldom can girls get better than them, serious! So, it's not just trivial things like liking Boys and disliking Jaane Tu, more their tone, sense of acceptance of nonsense, quasi-appreciation of externally screwed up guys (more often, internally too) that disturbs me, the dumb do-gooder, nay, good-should-happen-thinker that I am. Anyway, I think I've deviated quite a lot for a movie review. Hopefully some thought provoking writing, based on a movie. :D
Jaane Tu rocks!