Friday, November 13, 2009

Arbit Stuff

  • I want brightness in my life.
  • I love sunshine.
  • I like konjam heat konjam cold. Alternatively, I am ok with Chennai too.
  • I want to constantly see people where(ever) I live. It's ok if they're not my friends or hardly 4 of them know of my existence, but the regular sight of a stranger will do. A lot of them. And I hope I dont know too much about them. If I do, I hope it's nothing bad or unacceptable (to me). If it is, not that I am going to change the world or hate them, but I will feel a little less comfortable.
  • I believe it isn't really as big a sin to be judgemental as it is made out to be. If there is something wrong in being judgemental, it is either because of a flaw in the reasoning/logic behind the judgement or the judger's (mis)perception of the fact/premise that causes him to err in the judgement.
  • Order of Degree of Wrongness -
    Not being judgemental at all >> Making the wrong judgement > Being Judgemental > Perceiving facts in the wrong manner.
  • "Sab kuch chalta hai" is the root cause for most of the misery in the world today.
  • I honestly feel people who are afraid of communicating their opinion in public for fear of retribution are either highly hypocritical or terribly cowardly.
  • That said, one must avoid needless/reasonless/pointless controversy.
  • While travelling in buses or trains, I feel way more comfortable sitting/standing in a front-back manner as opposed to a side-side manner.
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