Thursday, November 19, 2009

PSBB Teachers 4 - Jamuna Miss

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II 'C' - '91-'92
Mrs Jamuna Nandagopal - Here's another teacher I remember for her sweet, kind nature. If I'm right, she used to live in Blue Diamond Apartments in Motilal St. In those days, it used to be something of a privilege to know personal details of teachers or if teachers spoke to you in Tamil. So I particularly remember these details. I'm not sure if teachers in classes I, II and III handled all subjects for us, but II std was the first time I got some kind of academic award - I still remember the prize - it was for proficiency in Maths (I got centum in all the 5 cycle tests :D) and it was a sweet little Math book. So, an especially memorable class I remember - II 'C'. :-)
(Aayah) Shanthi - PSBB (TP Road) had this awesome set of aayahs who used to take such good care of us kids. Shanthi aayah was one especially semma aayah - she had buck teeth, if I'm not wrong, and some time toward the latter part of junior school, she shaved her head, so that's how I remember her appearance. :D
Btw, my mom apparently met her outside Kodambakkam station on Habibullah Road a few months back. Rather shockingly, she herself approached my mom, who immediately recognized her as a PSBB aayah, and told her - "Amma, neenga Kaushik'oda amma dhaane, thambi epdi irukku?" My mom was absolutely flabbergasted, and more so, I still am, and refuse to believe my mom, still.

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