Monday, November 9, 2009

PSBB Teachers 3 - Bharti Miss

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(Part 2 here)

I 'C' - '90-'91
Bharti Miss was a short, slightly plump teacher. Not sure if it's because that is one of the first signs of authority I witnessed in life, but I remember her as a dynamic, authoritative and strict, yet sweet-talking, aggressive-yet-friendly teacher. I also remember her being at the forefront of quite a few extra-curricular activities. She was quite fair and had low-cut hair, if I'm right, and she was also one of the first people I saw wearing glasses with that tag dangling over her neck, which helps to let your glasses hang loose in front of you, without having to place it somewhere.

PS: I also realize I remember a few watchmen and aayahs. So will include them also in this series.

(Watchman) Dhanapal - Dark, burly and affable, I remember him having a very smiling face.

(Part 4 here)
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