Monday, November 23, 2009

PSBB Teachers 5 - Paddu Miss

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III 'C' - '92-'93
Mrs Padmini Sarathy - I don't remember any specific reason, but she was one of my favourite teachers during those days. She was a kind of frail, bespectacled lady, a bit on the older side. Third standard was also quite a memorable class for another reason - that was the first (and only) time we had a camp fire at school. That was like, by far, one of the most exciting days of my childhood days. Stay back on Friday night - stay in school through Sunday and return home Sunday evening, sleeping in our classrooms. Oof, can you imagine the fun? Thirty-odd 6/7-year-olds in one tiny classroom after an evening of great fun by the camp fire and a sumptuous Saravana Bhavan dinner, the amount of ruckus we would've created! By God, I think that experience is surely one to cherish through life. And the next day, the meticulous me was carefully folding my porvai and all compared to the crumpled mess that a few of my other classmates had left their "beds" in, when Paddu mam appreciated my obedience. :D :D
Also, I remember especially enjoying her Maths classes (I was fresh from that Proficiency in Maths from 2nd standard, you see :D).

(Watchman) Seshadri- A fair Iyengar mama, who, (I retrospectively am surprised was a watchman) always sported the Sricharnam prominently on his forehead. His voice had this amazingly "ghaneer" tone and he befriended the parents especially easily.

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