Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Lighter Side in Dark days...

At times like these, though the situation might be grim, you come across some astounding hilarity and see humour in things you haven't before.
Interpreting the above dialogue of Thalaivar -
Assumption: "Kettava" (bad people) will not be put to too much "sodhanai" (trials and tribulations).
If we were ever to wonder if we are "nallava" (good people) or "kettava" (bad people), bad times might be a good time to seek the answer. Why? In accordance with thalaivar's dialogue, during bad times (sodhanai), let's see the brighter side and consider ourselves "nallava" because of the sodhanai.
And what about when in good times? Aah, good question, glad that you asked. That's when we realize God is holding us in His hands. ;-)
(What a God-forsaken opportunist!)