Sunday, August 1, 2010

When Shit doesn't happen and Paper goes waste

(Writtten in 2007-08 when I was a grad-student living with roomies)

Note: This is a rant Not intended to hurt or insult my roomie, but just to express my hopelessness and environmental dejection.

I unfortunately happen to be one of those oldie/unfashionable environmentally conscious guys. I regularly feel helpless when I see shit happening and I am unable to change it. But this actually rocked, no, stinked...better, stinks.

What can you do when you have a roomie with whom you share a family plan phone and who refuses to make the monthly telephone bills paperless despite your repeated attempts via begging/pleading/threatening/scorning? I see it every month - we can see our bills online and settle it online, but this guy insists on getting the paper statement (the damn paper statement, in case you didn't know, includes a list of ALL the calls both of you have made over the past month, often coming to around 20-25 pages) and the environmental part of my soul bleeds when he sees the statement for a minute and trashes it.

Now the shit got stinkier when he wanted to be clean. (leave alone his humongous appetite for tissue-usage, sample this - he once single-handedly finishing three-quarters of one full roll of toilet paper in one s(h)itting, and with obviously no intention to mock at him, I mean, I obviously haven't seen how he shits, but I've seen him use paper in the kitchen for cleaning/wiping his hands, and I seriously bleed tears seeing that, so I think I can safely assume how he would use toilet paper. {I, incidentally, don't use toilet paper at all, there is a mug in our kakkoos and it suffices quite satisfyingly}). Still, when somebody flushes the toilet 15 times (I counted it, 15 times, yes FIFTEEN) in succession just so that shit is wiped out from the face of the ... not earth, just the cistern, it bothered me. I mean, I know we need to be hygienic and all that, still, 15 continuous flushes for about 7-10 minutes of shit really beat (the shit out of) me. Frankly, I have thought long and hard and even asked him once or twice if he had some kind of health problem or something which might cause or require this indiscriminate flushing (I don't have any idea if there is any such thing which does), but he replied saying he wanted the toilet to be clean.

I've experienced severe water problems – I've been through times when I had to wake up at 5 in the morning and rush out with my mom & dad brandishing buckets and having to face about 30 sleepy, irritated (obviously!) souls all jostling for the same water. But even if this experience did not cause me to turn emotional and feel bad, just seeing the amount of water being wasted for no purpose (the worst shit in the world can be wiped out in a maximum of 3 flushes, don't ask me how) really REALLY gets on to my nerves. (It's another matter that the flush in our house makes a hell of a noise and this maniacal flushing is sometimes done at midnight or early morning). Seriously, I don't mind that, but I DO mind the wastage.

And when the guy doing this shit happens to be doing his PhD(Environmental Engg.) you just can't help but explode somewhere.

PSBB Teachers 28 - Pushpa Mam

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Hindi - '98-'00

Mrs.Pushpa Joshi - Pushpa Mam taught us Hindi during Classes IX and X. An extremely fair, slightly plumpish appearance who had a sense of wit & humorous which wasn't obvious, she had an extremely meticulous and neat way of teaching Hindi. One crib I had with her was how she always used to say "Shri Gurubhyo Namuh..." instead of "Shri Gurubhyo Namaha".

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