Monday, April 28, 2008

Some Happiness

I guess it's pretty late now, but it's something I have decided that I want to say. Last Thursday at my internship was "Bring your kids to work" Day. (Obviously, it's not for me :P). Let me confess that I hold no special attachment for children, I'm probably a little less sensitive about children than most people, and the sight of a child never especially arouses me. But that day was different. Probably because a lot of things have been working on me, and I've totally lost the sight of a group of children all in a single place, or because the sight of so many children brought back memories of school, or whatever I dont know. But I was surprised that I was overwhelmingly happy, overjoyed, more or less. Just the sight of all those children brought such a huge smile to my face, I actually felt foolish! This was probably one of the very few instances of my more than 1.5-year sojourn here when I was not forced to laugh, rather, my lips parted and my mouth widened without me having to consciously think about or put any effort. What was it - the innocence or cuteness or plain relief (due to utter lack of knowledge and worries), I wonder...