Monday, June 14, 2010

Veetla Puli...Pulli illa, Puli

Basic matter: Iyengar ex-roomie+bro-like-buddy is engaged to ultra-mod-hip-Brahminism-aversion-having-Iyengar girl (not-entirely-necessary-bgm - the dude is from an extremely orthodox family though he has become quite over-liberal ever since he's been in the US, plus he's extremely good-looking, so flamboyant+semma_kadalai-types).

He'd described me as this semma pazham-type guy who'd not leave home without pattai (1/9th true), etc. to her & described her to me as semma_mod_Braahmna-baashai-hating "babe" (in his words) who hates all things associated with Brahminism & who isnt really bothered much about "culture". So much so that on more than one occasion, she had instructed him to speak with someone else after talking to me, before talking to her, since he apparently has a Brahmin-accent hangover after spending time with me. :D

Though I would normally have been interested in meeting a close friend's fiance (guy or girl ;-D) wasnt really planning on meeting her, simply based on his description of both of us to each other. And he also told she wouldnt "initiate"/be interested in a meet with me either, which kind of slightly pissed me off, since I had stuff for her, given by him and it would be height of oorga'ness if I gave the stuff to her to-be-in-laws.

Nevertheless, there was this curiosity abt how such a meet would go abt. esp since he said there were almost no commonalities except vegetarianism/"intellectuality" (in his opinion, we were both quite Intellectual folks though we didnt share opinions on most issues). Indha warning'kaagave was pretty convinced that either I'd make an ass of myself (going by past record with women, in general and esp with such types) or have a not-so-memory-worthy meeting. Which is why my interest was piqued when she herself called me a few days after I landed & suggested we meet up. So was he, and was as curious as me to know how the meet would go. I gave myself 30 minutes before either she got bored or we had some unpleasantness which would make us mutually try to leave.

Meet did happen, in Amethyst. And 'twas a good 2 hours. :D Plus viewings of Gautham Menon & Namitha. Interesting+fun session with her. She was quite surprised by me (me too, by her, though to lesser extent) and my ex-roomie was most amazed to hear of it. Mildly surprised myself, but I guess a dont-care-attitude + totally-being-myself + confidence of home ground wicket greatly helped.

Aah...the advantage of home ground, I tell you.
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